Sep 11

The following is a list of environmental & social issue games. Most of these green games are suited for people of all ages, but some games contain themes geared toward adult issues.



Bacteria Salad - Food safety game where you have to grow tomatoes or spinach without making people sick from e. coli or salmonella.

Food Import Folly – Become the FDA and prevent contaminated food goods from entering the USA. Free online flash game about the import security of food goods.

Pipe Dreams - Pipe Dreams is an economic prosperity vs. environmental protection game that focuses on land use in agriculture.



BBC Climate Change - BBC Climate Challenge is an online environmental game that focuses on policy and sustainable development over a 110 year period.

CEO2 - Make successful decisions as the CEO of chemical, solar, insurance and automotive companies  while reducing CO2 emissions.

Clim’Way - Climate change and green environmental game with highly detailed energy categories.

Planet Protectors - Planet Protectors have the mission challenge of reducing the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere by keeping the Earth's temperature in check.



West Point Bridge Designer - This is an engineering game and virtual bridge simulator. Your goal is to design and build a virtual bridge for the lowest possible cost.



Build-A-Prairie – Build-a-Prairie is a tall grass prairie restoration game for learning about prairie ecosystems.

Eco Tour - Play as a scout in the forest

WolfQuest – 3D wildlife simulation game that teaches you about gray wolves in Yellowstone National Park.



Eco Mission – Eco Mission is a green game that focuses on players trying to get to a concert while trying to minimize their environmental impact.

Electrocity – ElectroCity is a Sim City-style simulator that focuses on energy use and sustainable development.

EnerCities - Energy and natural resource game that allows you to build a sustainable city while encountering environmental restrictions.

Energy City – Energy City is a simcity style renewable energy environmental game.

Energy Hog – Energy Hog is an online environmental game designed for children consisting of 5 mini-games that teach children about wise energy use.

Energyville – Energyville is a green game developed by Chevron and the Economist Group that lets users choose future energy options while building a virtual city.

Oiligarchy – This oil game is an anti-environmental game that makes you drill for oil and corrupt politicians in order to win.

Oil God - Oil God is a virtual oil game where you have to run up the price of gasoline by creating wars and natural disasters.

Quest For Oil - Quest For Oil is a free to download simulation game that has you experience the challenges of offshore oil drilling in the North Sea and Qatar.

What the Frack - Players join other stakeholders, including: the energy industry, politicians, environmentalists and the general public, in the controversial fracking debate.

Windfall - Environmental game where you have to build windmills in strategic locations. Windfall is a green game with NIMBYism at the core.




Profit Seed - has players take on the role of farmer trying to plant heirloom organic seeds while preventing genetically modified organisms (GMOs) from growing.



Mission Migration – Learn about birds that migrate and how human activity such as using pesticides affects them in this green game.

Raiders of The Last Bark – Protect the Congo rainforest from logging sponsored by the World Bank in this green game.



BioHarmonius - BioHarmonius has players working to save two interconnected planets, one of which is unsustainable through environmental degradation, loss of species and biodiversity.

Plan Your Future Park - A urban sustainable development game that challenges you to design a park in New York City.



Disaster Watch – The calamity game where you have to minimize the impacts of natural disasters in Nicaragua.

Pandemic 2 - Global pandemic game where you create a virus, bacteria, or parasite in order to destroy mankind.

Stop Disasters Game – The Stop Disasters Game allows you to anticipate and mitigate the affects of 5 common natural disasters: tsunami, hurricane, wildfire, earthquake and flood.



The Seagull Strikes Back – Take a few craps on several politicians in the funny overfishing game.



AWQA Game - This is a water pollution game that involves testing for nitrate, phosphate, iron and sulphate pollution.

Litterfin Louie – An environmental game for the iphone & ipod touch where you play a fish that is trying to clean up the ocean from toxic waste.

Pollution Simulator – Pollution Simulator is a green game that lets you control pollution by engaging in anti-smoking campaigns, ISO 14001 standards and recycling, etc.

Smog City 2 – Smog City 2 lets you control the city pollution levels by customizing the city environment in a variety of ways.



Third World Farmer – Third World Farmer is a sustainable development game featuring farming, environmentalism and geopolitical practices in the developing world.



Against All Odds – Game about a refugee making the decision to escape from their war torn country.

Ayiti: The Cost of Life - Social economic development game based on preventing poverty in Haiti.

Better Business Game – Better Business Game is the online questionnaire for the environmentally conscious CEO.

Darfur is Dying – Play Darfur is Dying to find out what it is like to survive as a child in Darfur. You half to obtain food, build shelters, collect water, and stay healthy.

Fatworld – Nutrition game focusing on the politics of nutrition.

Karma Tycoon – Run your own non-profit organization (NGO). Run a homeless shelter, animal shelter, performing arts center, and youth center to strengthen your ‘karma’.

McDonalds Video Game – The McDonald’s Video Game features elements of globalization, corruption, rainforest loss, consumer health threats, capitalism, and flawed advertising.

Peter Packet: Social Activism Game – An environmental challenges and social awareness game teaching about AIDS in Zimbabwe, clean water in Haiti and helping children to attend school in India.

Sim Sweatshop – Sim Sweatshop educates you about the conditions of people working in sweatshops in developing countries.



Mobility – Mobility is a green game similar to Sim City that specializes in sustainable transportation and infrastructure.



Dump Town – Make Dump Town green by establishing reuse centers, composting, recycling centers and programs including grass cycling and home yard trimmings.

Enviro Boarder – Enviroboarder is a recycling game where the object is to use a skateboard to collect reusable goods off the street and put them into designated recycling bins.



Water Busters – Water Busters lets you play the role of Phil Dumpster who must lower his family’s water consumption and reduce his water bill.