Unclaimed World

Unclaimed Word

Unclaimed Word is a very challenging planet colonization game, similar to the movie Avatar, where mankind must learn to survive on an alien world.


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Unclaimed World lets players experience what it might be like to be forced to survive in an alien ecosystem beyond our solar system. Because of a futuristic catastrophic asteroid strike in the Atlantic Ocean causing the loss of millions of people, nations throughout the world have united in their decision to create a backup of humanity on an extra-solar planet called Tau Ceti. In 2129, the starship Exigence leaves Earth along with you as leader of space pioneering colonists who must enter the state of hibernation for the century-long one-way space journey towards a potentially sustainable new homeland in Tau Ceti.

Your goal as space pioneer is to survive, until hopefully rescued, on the extraterrestrial planet you have crash-landed on, while facing many life-threatening challenges, including attacks from alien creatures. Your survival will depend on your resourcefulness and willingness to educate yourself about your unknown challenging alien environment. Your goal will be to plan and manage a human settlement in an alien world. You must manage a community of space pioneers in this realistic, science-fiction setting chosen as mankind’s first interstellar colonization attempt. Colonists have become scattered throughout this unknown planet with minimal supplies and technology. The lives of the space pioneers will depend on your strategic planning. Your primary mission goal has now become: to survive in a completely unknown alien ecosystem, and then, secondary: to rebuild a human civilization in this hostile environment.


A group of specialists are awakened from deep hibernation to prepare for an exploration mission before the main landing operation. The initial exploration is an important introductory attempt to avert the risk of catastrophe from unknown dangers on the planet’s surface. There can be no return because all landing vehicles were one-way capsules since it is impossible to get back into orbit. 6 teams consisting of 60 scientists and security experts in total left the ship over a 1-month period.

Exploratory Investigation Goals consisted of: natural resources’ evaluations; soil, air and water examinations for toxins; assessment of dangers from indigenous alien life-forms both from the microscopic level and up; risk and strategy assessment for defending against threats in the environment; as well as the selection of the final landing site for the establishment of the main colony. You will share information acquired from the exploration expeditions, such as: diverse life-forms, microorganism threats, benign weather, natural resources and the most suitable locations for landing and settlement. After the exploration, you will be in charge of waking up the remaining colonists for boarding of 2 heavy drop ships and evacuation of Exigence.


You will experience a major catastrophe when alien species surround the spacecraft, crippling it and wiping out the local wildlife ecosystem. Your goal will now become a life-or-death survival challenge whereby your problem-solving and managerial resourcefulness skills will be constantly tested. Many emergency decisions will have to be made.

At this point the player of Unclaimed World takes on the “mission” challenge of trying to survive the members of his/her disaster-stricken expedition in this alien ecosystem. Tutorials will guide you throughout your ordeals. In order to survive, you must assume numerous tasks and optionscomprised of challenges under categories, such as: Scout; Attack/Hunt; Gather/Forage; Salvage; Produce Items; Cook; Degradation; and Construct Buildings.


Other Challenging Issues, such as: weather, exhaustion, injuries and disease will also be encountered. You will face these challenges in both Day and Night Cycles, whereby survivors sleep in shifts so that someone is always on watch-alert.

You will use the Pioneer Planning Unit to manage the group’s decision-making, since the settlers do not engage in a command-chain managerial system, but rather a democratic voting mechanism which is utilized for mitigating disagreements.

Players will see if they can face the challenges of trying to make do with what they have brought, what they can find, and what they can adapt on this new challenging alien ecosystem, while simultaneously using your knowledge of the environment, survival techniques and problem-solving skills in order to hold you over until you are rescued and are able to rejoin the other space colonist pioneer settlers. See if you are up to the daunting challenge.


Play Neocolonialism, the PC game where you can manipulate global finances, enslave humanity, and trash the planet in order to become filthy stinking rich.


Play Neocolonialism

Neocolonialism is a unique multi-player (suggested being played between 3 and 6 players), strategy game where each is trying to out-do the other, whereby you are competing against several of the players with common destructive globalization goals: buying national sovereign bonds, influencing governments, corrupting the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the global financial watchdog institution. Neocolonialism is a game of world domination. Players will attempt to conquer the world by installing “puppet” governments, buying-off countries by paying whatever it takes to lobby for your self-serving interests, buying votes extracting national resource wealth, exploiting the working class and backstabbing whenever you can.

Players will gain insights into how globalization affects economic geography. Your role as a destructive, narcissistic, self-serving, omnipotent-type, socio-economic dominating “control-freak” is: to manipulate the current state of the global economy. You will find yourself pillaging as much money out of the world as you possibly can, all for your own self-serving, personal profit gain. Employing nuclear weapons is fortunately not in the equation; however, you may impose monetary austerity packages which are an all-too familiar reality in today’s global economies. If you have ever wondered what it would be like to play the role of “the bad guy”, then playing Neocolonialism is your opportunity.

Neocolonialism: Ruin Everything has an “upside-down”, topsy-turvy mentality, so it is quite fitting that it is formatted with a misguided view with a world map that has you view countries “upside-down”. It is a very fitting analogy for a counterproductive world-destroying, negative-thinking philosophy which you, as player will be representing when you assume the role task of trying to do as much harm as possible to the world while bearing in mind that your eyes are always on the “bottom-line”: to grow your numbered Swiss bank account while you assume your role of a power-hungry, greedy “control-freak” type of person.


Banished, a resource management city-building game involving trade bartering, wood, stone, iron and coal, crops, livestock and nomadic gypsies.


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Banished is a very basic, simplistic city-building resource management strategy game that has you experience designing a rudimentary, medieval-prototype town. Players assume the role of environmental resource manager by managing risks and resources. You will be in charge taking control of a band of migrant exiled travelers who have decided to restart their lives in a new land with only the clothes they are wearing and supplies from their homeland which they have transported in carts. As environmental resource manager, their lives and well-being are now in your hands. You are challenged with building them their own new settlement from the surrounding environment. See if you are up to the challenging task of improving their quality-of-life.

As resource manager – town planner, your goal is to expand the population, settle and develop more land, manage occasional disasters and manage a trading post. Your primary resource is the townspeople themselves so you must be diligent to keep them happy, healthy and well-fed, sheltered and warm and equipped with the necessary tools to ensure their survival.


Your major mission is to develop your town, expanding its population. Its success or failure rests in your hands, determined by your ability to appropriately and effectively manage resources and mitigate risks. Environmental resource manager players will: source raw materials, wood, stone, iron and coal. Buildings will be erected, skills occupations will be utilized, livestock will be managed and crop seeds planted and harvested. You will find yourself making social-moral choices: whether to sustain education of children by keeping them in schoolhouses where they are mainly taught more efficient labor skills, or using the church as a personal platform for town morale-building.

Money is not a resource at your disposal. You must rely on your ability to negotiate by bartering. You will find yourself being able to barter for hard-earned resources with trading vessel merchants who play a vital, critical role by supplying the town with livestock and annual crops which are significant in augmenting the citizens’ diets. However, be cautioned that there is a drawback: lengthy, far-away trading routes the merchant vessels travel entails picking up life-threatening illnesses and viruses which can devastate the health of the town’s citizens. Sheep pastures can be threatened by insect infestations which will impact the health of the town’s livestock.


Townspeople are employed in 20 different occupations, from: mining, farming, hunting, teaching, healing, blacksmithing, etc. Your strategies are varied, since no single strategy will succeed in every scenario you attempt. Resource scarcity is a challenge, and varies from region-to-region. You will make choices from: forestry replantation, mining for iron, quarrying for rock. You will find yourself facing drawbacks, since all choices you make require that you set aside space which entails preventing expansion which is one of your fundamental goals. Population expansion also can have a downside, as groups of wandering nomads/gypsies can be welcomed as a base for expanding your population, particularly in periods of low-development; however, there can be a tendency of social and health impacts on the present demographics.

Defile of Eden 2

Defile of Eden 2 is a rare and unique environmental simulation game from Sanguinelabs that was created from 100% hand-drawn graphics.


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Defile of Eden 2 – World in Chaos is a follow up game by Sanguine Laboratories, focusing on pollution this action packed cross platform multiplayer game is a thrill ride from start to finish. Single player has been included with offline bot opponents adding to the large amount of detail and work that has gone into this game. The developers have created their own tools specially designed for animation and map editing. At first glance this game looks very unique, once you have accustomed yourself to the unique art style you will discover a vast amount of features, some great humour and the ability to play against or alongside friends across LAN and Internet, making this a great game to play.

The core action pits two teams of players against each other in a battle to take control of Eden. The current objective is very straight forward involving the destruction of either teams’ base; it’s the interplay between the six playable classes that makes things so varied and interesting. The speedy scout like characters with their unique screen interactions, along with medium and heavy supporting classes, all with unique weapons, attributes, and abilities that complement each other and clash in a myriad of ways. Encounters can vary widely depending on the match type and the makeup of each team, this unpredictability along with future classes and game types already on the horizon, is crucial to any games’ long-standing appeal.


There are interesting map visuals giving Eden a more serene or defiled look depending on which team is in the lead, with each team having a scout like character that has the ability to obscure the opposing teams vision similar to the Mario Kart screen interactions approach, which is a nice touch. This alongside healing and support classes adds to the obvious strategic team play required to defeat the opposing team.

All in all this game has had a large amount of thought and development time put in to it, all of the assets including all the menus and maps have been completely hand drawn which must have taken some time. This looks like a game that is looking for a social following, with the developers already planning many more game types, maps, characters and there is even potential for user driven content with the release of their map editor. The developers have even created various character twitter feeds and begun a cartoon strip which has some valued humour about it.

Check out the playable demo at http://www.sanguinelabs.co.uk/doe2

Game Review Provided By Daniel Lyle

Space Engineers

Space Engineers has players take on the role of space engineer mining asteroids and building space ships and space stations utilizing physics.


Play Space Engineers: Asteroid Mining Simulation Game

Space Engineers has players utilize their imagination and creativity in the role of space engineer while learning about engineering, construction and maintenance of space apparatus in this asteroid mining simulation game. Players take on daring and challenging missions involving building space ships, space stations, both civil and military, pilot ships and perform asteroid mining. You can build space ships to your own configuration and scale. Players also have the option of building war machines and fortifications to protect against space enemies.

Players get to perform many functions, since all objects can be assembled, disassembled, damaged and destroyed. Some objects have storage capacity while others have electricity production or consumption capacities. The asteroid mining simulation game is based on real physics and technology that would be feasible in the near future. Individual models have real volume and storage capacity with perceived NASA-like technology a half century into the future.

Players use the building menu and select blocks to construct small or large space ships and space stations. You use a block as a scaffold for the rest of the structure. Some blocks can be interacted with so that they are able to carry out various functions, such as: mining, refining, communicating and healing. A variety of tools are alongside the blocks. Building is accomplished either on the platform or while floating in space on your jetpack. Objects are volumetric having structures composed from block-like modules which are interlocked in a grid, and behave like real physical objects with mass, inertia and velocity. You will experience gravitational pull on large objects. You will become familiar with cockpits, thrusters, gyroscopes, refinery assemblers, drills, catwalks, small ship missile launchers, reactors, and landing legs.

Space Engineers have to maintain a continuous stream of raw materials to keep the space station operable. Players have control over elements, such as: gravity, electricity and computing power. To operate lights you have to connect to the grid to receive power from a nuclear reactor which requires uranium. You can lose engines and your bridge to asteroids damaging or destroying your space ships. Tutorials guide you as Space Engineer in the asteroid mining simulation game.

Profit Seed

Profit Seed has players take on the role of farmer trying to plant heirloom organic seeds while preventing genetically modified organisms (GMOs) from growing.


Play Profit Seed

Profit Seed has players take on the role of a farmer while exploring the issues surrounding genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and the patenting of agricultural seeds.

Players use the computer mouse to manipulate the wind direction and gust force trying to plant preferred traditional heirloom seeds while preventing GMO seeds from blowing into the farmer’s plots.

If it turns out that enough GMO seeds land in a field and cultivate, the lawyer from an agribusiness corporation will come to sue the farmer and take the land. You will be trying to plant non-GMO heirloom wheat, corn, oats and soy seeds. If GMO seeds take root you use the shovel to dig them up before they mature into plants.

Players learn information about the world’s largest GMO manufacturer, Monsanto Corporation. Players will learn about the significance of genetic drift from rogue GMO seeds reaching heirloom organic seed planted fields.

Race to Mars

Race to Mars is a game that makes you director of a private commercial space company with the goal of putting mankind on Mars and establishing a colony there.


Play Race to Mars

Race to Mars puts you in the role of director of a private commercial space company with the goal of putting mankind on Mars and establishing a colony on the planet. Your new space agency begins as a start-up developing cutting edge aerospace technologies that beat your competition in the space industry, then using them to achieve orbit and fly beyond the vicinity of our planet. Players will get to simulate the realism of what astronauts will experience in their first mission to Mars.

Players get to shape their own path to Mars while discovering innovative technologies, fighting for a target budged for your space program with the assistance of your supportive fan base and the media. You will see your program expand while growing your company’s profit from commercial, scientific and military contracts. You will need to lobby for your contracts while monitoring your competitors in the market and interact with the National Space and Air Office.

You will expand your space company’s headquarters with various buildings and research facilities and your aerospace technologies before getting into orbit. You will need to build launch pads and develop rockets. You will deal with the National Space and Air Office, increase your budget and prepare your first space destination launch to the moon.

Players will learn about the challenges and complexities of going to Mars, such as: getting from Mars orbit to the surface of the planet, the dangers and challenges of entry, descent and the landing phase. Your administration panel will include information about staff management, marketing and public relations, building, reports, achievements and summaries.

City in Motion 2

City in Motion 2 is a traffic simulation game that lets players become a public transportation coordinator creating a sustainable efficient transportation system in a city.


Play Cities in Motion 2: Traffic Game

Cities in Motion 2 has the player take on the role of a public transportation coordinator with the goal of creating an efficient public transportation system in a city. In this traffic simulation game, you will be influencing the urban environment and helping to build infrastructure. Building the transportation network will directly influence how the city grows and help reduce traffic.

The traffic simulation game has you creating a sustainable transportation network of the future, by managing day and night cycles, rush hours, creating timetables, establishing routes, selecting forms of transportation, creating transportation infrastructure.

Players have a wide range of transportation options in this traffic game with varying costs, efficiency levels and complexity. It will be challenging. You will begin using buses to transport the population since buses are the simplest system to employ, only requiring roads, many of which are already constructed, and bus stops. You will establish bus routes and observe citizens hop on from their homes as they commute to their places of employment. Soon you will discover that you need to develop more transportation infrastructure in this traffic game to cope with the limited system, so you will find yourself developing a tram system which is more complex and expensive, but will yield more revenue by producing more tickets and higher profits.

Citizen demographics consist of students and tourists and blue and white-collar workers, all with specific destinations. You will be able to see where specific demographics tend to live and where they most likely work. Each citizen has a set workplace and home that they travel back-and-forth to and from every day. You will be able to zoom-in to observe their daily commute. This information will be significant when you are constructing new transportation routes with the aim of making routes viable for specific demographic needs. Cities in Motions 2 is one of the best traffic games on the market.

Reach for the Sun

Reach for the Sun is a plant growing simulation game that hones your resource management skills and increases your botany knowledge.


Play Reach For the Sun

Reach for the Sun is a plant growing simulation game that has the player acquire a “green thumb” and hone their resource management skills and increase botany knowledge. Your mission is to make your plant bear fruit so that it can produce seeds to facilitate continuation of the growth process.

Players will start off by growing a plant across a season while attempting to make as many seeds as possible before winter sets in. You will begin with a few sees unlocking the easiest plant, the sunflower, then as you proceed in the plant growing simulation game you will be unlocking more complex plants and be purchasing some upgrades to make your gardening task easier.

You will learn about photosynthesis, plant anatomy, the role of male and female components in pollination, and the importance of growth resources.


Tutorials – Informative tutorials are offered to increase your gardening knowledge.

Resource Management – Players will carefully gather and manage 3 essential key resources to create plants and fruits: water, nutrients and starch. Every new extension to the plant – roots, leaves, fruit, pollen, requires resources. The more resources you have the more fruitful your plant can become. Collecting starch and growing your plant requires an investment. However, in the plant growing simulation game your resource pool expands the more plants you have.

Resource Indicators – The screen will show you how much you have left of the 3 resources. To acquire more, your plant parts flash on the screen indicating that you can harvest a resource. The plant parts will flash indicating that you can harvest a resource.

Roots – produce absorb water and nutrients and transfer them to the leaves

Leaves – Plants produce starch through the process of photosynthesis (the process – in the presence of chlorophyll – by which plant convert energy from the sun into chemical energy used to fuel plant organisms) to facilitate the growth process. Roots and Leaves generate more resources in the plant growing simulation game.

Flowers – produce seeds which are used as a currency in the plant growing simulation game to unlock new types of plants, and enable you to make improvements to your garden, such as plant fertilizer, watering cans, and praying mantis insects to prevent pests

Hazards and Threats – Bugs and plant blight have to be eliminated for healthy plant growth to occur.

Now that you have your own “green thumb”, you can take what you have learned in this plant growing simulation game to grow your own plants.

Farming Simulator

Farming Simulator has you play a farmer growing crops and raising livestock while running seeders, balers, combines, tractors, thrashers and cultivators.


Play Farming Simulator

Players take on the role of farmer with the challenge of managing and growing your own farm while experiencing it grow to a major enterprise. Players will prepare fields for planting, sow seeds of 4 different varieties, cultivate crops, harvest and sell crops and reinvest funds back into the farm. You will also engage in animal husbandry raising cattle, sheep and chickens. Players will have the opportunity to complete a variety of missions.

Players will try to harvest as much as they can by increasing the number of fields. This will require using numerous types of machinery. You will experience controlling farming vehicles and machinery. You will have a vast selection of over 100 vehicles and tools from over 20 licensed brands at your disposal. It will be a challenge to choose the right machine and tool for the task.

Farming Machinery – You will get to run machinery such as: seeders, balers, tractors, combines, thrashers, lift cultivators, combine harvesters, forest/silage harvesters, front loaders, palette forks, and lawnmower.

Speed – Players are warned when driving machinery too fast. Cruise control is ideal.

Tutorials – Will guide you through various farming techniques and practices with you driving the appropriate machinery for the task, from: plowing, sowing, spraying, baling, harvesting and transporting crops to storage silos or transporting bales of hay to your farm. There is also a biogas plant tutorial teaching you how fertilizer is produced as a by-product of silage.

Supplementing Your Income – You may want to earn extra cash, particularly in your early farming days. You have the opportunity of taking on missions, such as: mowing grass on a golf course, moving heavy equipment across town, delivering farming machines, delivering eggs to a baker.

Decisions – Players will have goals to choose and problem-solving skills to engage. Decisions need to be made about crops to grow, machinery and tools to use, livestock to raise, size of fields to cultivate. More variable crops will require more work and investment in extra machines in order to maximize your profits. You will have lots of freedom to decide your approach, in a peaceful, tranquil farming environment. You may decide to work alone, or as a cooperative team socializing with others. Townspeople can be hired as farmhand workers to help you out.

Additional Farming Features – You can expand the number of buildings you have, install solar collectors and greenhouses as further investments in your farming enterprise.